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A focus on historic relevance of Florence

About Florence


Florence is perfect for who desire to immerse in a history or literature, Florence is also well-known because it’s a cradle of italian language, the italian says that the archaic form of this precious and original language was born here.

This city is also a place of birth of Dante Alighieri, considered like the father of italian language and the writer of “Divine Comedy”, literary work known in all over the world and traduced in many different languages. He was the proponent of the lyric named “Dolce stil novo”, literary stile used in Italy in 1300. Beato Angelico art name of Giovanni da Fiesole,heir of Masaccio, is another high standing figure of this period. His training start with the creation of miniatures of handwrittens, a detaill oriented work, very delicate. He’s one that was patronate thanking Lorenzo de Medici. This was a era where was visible a big building creations like San Marco’s convent: the frescoes are one of the best examples of the Reinassance in art, most famous and beloved made by Beato Angelico, a painting representation of simplicity and harmony, figures are fews and diaphanous and the use of light is amazing!

His fame was a spinoff that permitted to demonstrate it’s greatness also in Rome, he lives in convent of Santa Maria sopra Minerva from 1446 to 1447, probably he painted the frescoes in the abside of Saint Peter, with Christ’s histories, destroyed at the age of Giulio II. Beato Angelico was also an influencer for Donatello and Filippo Brunelleschi, especially about the construction of the perspective, come back of the essencial and representation human both phisically and the invertion of emotions. In this sense, the debate birth between Donatello and Brunelleschi about the sculpture of the Christs. Donatello’s Christ was defined “a country vision”, for dimensions primarly, but represent the human suffering. Brunelleschi’s Christ have a gently form and the mesures are the celebration of “divine”.

Another poliedhric artist considered “the best of his age” is Michelangelo Buonarroti, one of him most beautiful sculpture ,in Florence, is the wood Christ in Saint Spirit Church, but to be excited about some, the “Pietà” keeped into Vatican Museum in Rome, is so stunning!Somebody of depht, is Lorenzo de Medici surnamed “il Magnifico”, lived a life rich in culture and art, and was also defined a patron of artists and literates, like Pico della Mirandola or Sandro Botticelli, that is famous for masterpieces like the “Primavera” or “Born of Venus”. The Uffizi Gallery is composed by 45 rooms full of masterpieces reason why don’t be sufficient a day to visit all. Botticelii masterpieces mentioned above, other than Madonna di Ognissanti di Giotto, Annunciazione di Simone Martini e Lipo Memmi, Adorazione dei Magi di Gentile da Fabriano, Michelangelo’s Tondo Doni, Bacco’s Caravaggio, Raffaello’s Madonna del Cardellino. Florence together with Venice, Mantova, Naples, and others italians cities is one of the biggest proponent of the Renaissance period: this historical peridod for each ones started on 1000 d.C., for other ones in 1400. At historical level, Renaissance is the end of Middle Era, a prosperous period in many ways like arts. Where the man, in generical sense, was put at the centre of his life and was considered the “author” of his future.

Suppose a Church’s tour it will be start from Santa Maria Novella, less known of Holy Cross church, but unique in his architecture and art mixed style. The façade is an example of Florentine Renaissance, with a preexisting gothic style, because this basilique is the first italian example of gothic. Right inside, are present three naves, one central and two laterals, with cross vault and archs named “ a sesto acuto”. At the end of principal nave, stand out the Crucified Christ by Giotto. The glass windows are designed by Filippo Lippi, famous for his Madonna con Bambino e San Filippo. On the left nave, we might see the Trinity created by Masaccio. On the first altar, we might see the altarpiece of Resurrection of Lazar” by Santi di Tito, on the second, “Samaritan at the schaft” by Alessandro Allori. In the right nave, on the altar stand out the “Nativity”by Giovanni Battista Naldini. This church was construyed by religious order of Dominican.

The basilique of Holy Cross is a required step! Inner is simple and monumental at the same time: three naves divided by two lines of pillars on octagonal base. Major Chapel , at left side is in gothic style, but the two chapels at right named “Peruzzi’s chapel” and “ Bardi’s chapel”, was painted by Giotto with histories of Saint John the baptist and evangelist, other with histories of Saint Francis. In the same square, you might see the Dante’s statue.

Firenze is also the placebirth of Leonardo Da Vinci: clever and talented man recognized at universal level, is considered a genius for all the people for his eclecticism. He was painter also of portraight, sculpurist, drawer, musician, for all of this kinds in Florence you might do a tour at the Da Vinci Museum and experience the practically use of this machines that was very revolutionary for the era.

After this prosperous and enrichable experiences it’s time to relax! One of the pleasant way is reach the San Lorenzo’s market, in the city center, and get lost in litlle streets, all the stands, where you can stop and appreciate the handcrafts products: you can’t go away from Florence without buying some in this market. Leather bags, wallets, always are handmade and very precious for have a souvenir or to do presents.

For food lovers this market is such as big temple to taste and appreciate regional Tuscany food and also food that comes from all italian regiones. Here you can find a originally dishes like “panino con il lampredotto” that is the cow stomach cooked with chili, garlic, olive oil and black pepper. Delicious and very tasty! If no have time to travel in others italian cities,you can find a laboratory where “mastro casaro” prepare mozzarella di bufala or original italian pizza. Florence is a romantic and of your dreams city, you can enjoy as a couple or with your family!

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