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Renaissance Florence: Discovering Artisan Workshops

About Florence


Even if you don’t have much time, getting to know the most interesting parts of this city, is definitely doable with a private tour which will cover everything you need to know but, if you want to go more in-depth about the not-so-known aspects of the city of Florence, you can definitely do this by reading our blogs.


Today we will talk about some of the most significant Artisan workshops in the city of Florence and why they are a core element of the cultural value of this city!



The city of Florence is worldwide popular for the cultural value brought by its citizens and their crafts. Some of these crafts date back to Medieval times and, through their art, artists and artisans are able to unveil details about the history of Florence. 

Preserving the importance of the work that craftsmen do is fundamental when it comes to Florentine culture. Being an artisan in the city of Florence is considered to be a life work and a lifestyle as it’s fundamental for these artists not to fall into the common idea that quantity is more important than quality in today’s market. Artisans sometimes work for years on a single object that will forever hold  great value as a unique piece and, as tourists, we should definitely keep this in mind.



Wandering through the streets of the city of Florence, you will surely stumble upon some of the best artisan shops that you will ever see in the world. As previously mentioned, the value held by the art that artisans make is very significant and it’s important to respect and admire their work.

If you want to explore some of the best artisan shops in Florence, here’s a little guide for you:





Bottega d’Arte Maselli is located in the San Marco area, near the Florence Cathedral, and, since 1955, this workshop has been creating beautiful frames made either in wood or in pure gold. These frames are carefully refined and decorated by artisans in an impressive way. After visiting Bottega D’Arte Maselli, you could get a private tour of the city of Florence and explore the infamous Florence cathedral!





Laboratorio di Moleria Locchi, also known as Laboratory Locchi is a glass workshop located in the Porta Romana area that has been active since the XIX century. This laboratory works glass in a very precise way that has been passed down from generation to generation and they made the choice to always use these ancient techniques to preserve the quality and the hand-made element of their work.





If you love chocolate, which is very likely, you will definitely feel in paradise in Cioccolateria Pasticceria Ballerini. It was created in 1936 and since then it has been making and serving amazing desserts. The thing that they are mostly known for is their chocolate production, which you can witness in the shop. If you go there, we highly suggest you try their Panforte or, if you want to have a full tasting of the best food in the city of Florence, click here.





If you want to see some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry, visiting this artisan workshop is definitely a must. Located in the Oltrarno Area, the Alessandro Dari artistic jewelry offers a production of masterpieces depicting some of the most important Florentine sculptures in miniature.

In the Oltrarno area, you will also be able to explore the beauty of the amazing Pitti Palace and the Boboli Garden. If you want to get to know more, book a private tour here.



  • IL S. FORNO:


If you’re feeling hungry, visiting Il S. Forno is probably your best option. This bakery offers a constant fresh production of bread and pastries that are truly high quality. It is located in the Oltrarno district and visiting it is a great way to get a grip on the Florentine and Italian culture.



Visiting the city of Florence and immersing yourself in the beauty of its art and craftsmen is something that should definitely be done at least once in a lifetime. If you want to get to know more about the city of Florence, we suggest you check out our other blogs and consider booking a private tour of the highlights of Florence with us!

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