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The 4 Best Markets in Florence

About Florence


If you are travelling to Florence perhaps you are interested in its history and traditions back to the medieval era, but do not forget that there are plenty of ways to discover a city like this. Just to mention some of them: food tasting, strolls and obviously highlights tours. 

Walking through the charming cobblestone alleys of Florence city center you will easily feel like a local, especially if you have the chance to stop at least at one of its old markets. Not only they are the perfect place to find an original souvenir to bring back home, but they are also full of local products, such as wine, tasty food as well as handicrafts.

Today we are going to explore the most typical markets of Florence. Let’s be the journey!


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  1. The New Market (Mercato del Porcellino)

The New Market is located right in the city center of Florence, just 5 minutes walking from the Old Bridge. The so-called Mercato del Porcellino (Piglet Market) takes its name from a bronze statue representing a wild boar, located inside the loggia that bears the same name. It is believed to bring good luck to those who will rub its nose while dropping a coin from its mouth. While doing this, you can even make a wish that may come true, who knows!

Another name to call this characteristic place is New Market, in opposition to the Old one, which is the San Lorenzo Market, located in Repubblica Square.

What are you going to find here? While in the past centuries it was the best place to buy silk and gold, so mainly wealthy people used to go there, nowadays you shop here leather accessories and souvenirs for your beloved ones. 

Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM


mercato nuovo new-market in florence  

  1. San Lorenzo Market, the Old Market

Whether it is your first time in town or you have already been here, you should not really miss a stop at Florence oldest market. San Lorenzo market is the most important one in town: it is located in the square that surrounds San Lorenzo Church, near Repubblica Square.

Remember that this is not a simple market but it has a complex structure, so take your time to discover every corner. We recommend you to begin your visit from the outside: the stalls twist and turn along the typical little alleys around the main building which hosts the Central Market which actually is the indoor part of San Lorenzo Market.

Strolling around the market you will be literally surrounded by thousands of shops, so especially if you are shopping addicted we suggest you to just walk around before actually buy goods: pottery, leather accessories, souvenirs and many other accessories are only some of the items you can shop here. On the other hand, indoor you will find 2 floors dedicated to food. For every foodie this is a must do!

The main building is made by cast iron and glass and projected by the architect Giuseppe Mengoni who is the same person who projected Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery once Florence was the Italian Capital city back in the XIX century. Which products are likely to be here? You will find easily any food related to Tuscan cuisines such as meat, olive oil, cheese, cured meat and many more.

Opening times: Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 2 PM, on Saturday from 8 AM TO 5 PM


  1. Cascine Market

As you can easily guess, Cascine market takes its name from the Park where it takes place once a week: Cascine Park. Cascine park is the biggest one in Florence (160 hectares), located along the north bank of Arno river, so you can combine both shopping and relax here, especially if you are travelling to Florence in Spring and Summer.

Cascine market is for sure the largest and cheapest one: it is almost 1 kilometer long and you can find literally anything you need here.

Opening times: Every Tuesday from 8 AM to 2 PM


  1. Fiesole Vintage Market

Among the best antique shopping areas and flea market in Tuscany and especially Florence, we cannot forget Fiesole Vintage Market. This amazing outdoor market takes place every first Sunday of the month in Fiesole main square called Mino Square: books, vintage clothes and hand tools are just some of the rare objects and accessories you can purchase here to make you Tuscany trip even more special.

Fiesole is a small town on the Tuscan hills that embrace Florence: from there you can enjoy a nice panorama of the whole city form a different point of view too. Not to mention the archaeological ruins to explore here: Fiesole, in fact, hosts an ancient archaeological site with the arena, so you can mix tours and shopping.


Have you ever been to one of these markets? Did you find something interesting? Share with us your experience!


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