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Tour of Venice Frari Church and School of St. Rocco

Calling all art-lovers! During our Tour of Venice Frari Church, you will follow the footsteps of the great Venetian painters Titian and Tintoretto with the expertise of a friendly, private guide.

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Tour Description

Venice has some of the greatest artistic cultural heritage in all of Italy. Whether you’re in love with art history or are looking to explore the city in greater depth, it is well worth booking a Venice art tour. Perhaps you have always wanted to find out more about the master Venetian painters Titian and Tintoretto. Our private tour of Venice Frari Church and School of St. Rocco is lead by an expert art-historian private guide, who will be able to explain to you everything from the painting techniques used by Titian and Tintoretto, to the meaning behind their works and the lives and times of the artists themselves.

Our tour for art lovers begins with the visit of the Frari Church in Venice, where “The Assumption of the Virgin Mary”, the most celebrated painting by Titian, is preserved. Your guide will offer you the many different interpretations for this striking painting and you will be able to ask questions to your guide and put across your own opinions. Our guides welcome the opportunity to have an intellectual debate, it’s one of the things we believe makes a private Venice art tour so special! The Frari Church also preserves works by Giovanni Bellini and Paolo Veneziano, which are well worth a visit.

The next stop on your Venice art tour will be at the School of St. Rocco, a confraternity founded in 1478 by a group of wealthy Venetian citizens. The School of St. Rocco preserves the most important of Tintoretto’s works commissioned between 1564 and 1587. The beautiful paintings depict episodes from the Bible. Of course your Venice art tour is not just about the paintings but also the artists themselves. Your private guide will fascinate you with stories about the lives of Titian and Tintoretto, as you learn about the distinctive times in which they lived.

With our Tour of Venice Frari Church you will discover an off-the-beaten-track Venice, learn about Venetian painters, their life and how Venice was during the 1500s.

  • Frari Church;
  • School of Saint Rocco;
This tour includes
  • 3 hours private guide
Important Info
  • meeting point:

    Frari Church, Venice

  • other information:

    DRESS CODE: in order to enter religious sites, such as Churches, every participant must make sure they cover their shoulders and knees.

    We also suggest you wear comfortable shoes, as a moderate amount of walking is involved in this tour.


  • Frari Church;
  • School of Saint Rocco;
This tour includes
  • 3 hours private guide
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