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Tour Description

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to visit the Vatican with your children? Our Vatican early entrance child friendly tour is the best option for those that like an interact tour where your children will interact with the other children of other families and the guide , everyone will be happy to discover the Vatican museums with fun and learning history and anecdotes. For most tourists, a trip to the Vatican is a once in a lifetime experience and you surely want to make sure that this adventure is fun for the whole family.

Our Early Access Vatican Small group tour for kids is a 3hour- tour with a child-friendly guide, who knows how to arouse your kids’ interest and let them learn whilst having fun, you have the chance to enter the Vatican an hour before it opens its doors to the general public, so you will avoid the crowd and will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the artworks. Furthermore the early entrance is the best way to go away from the heat of the Italian summer.

Your guide can explain you the highlights of the Vatican Museums and you will walk along the amazing galleries where spectacular art works are displayed. Our child friendly guided tour is a great experience for the whole family. Our guide will teach to your children both art and mythology but also the biggest ancient cultures: Roman, Greek and Egyptian then you will step in the 1500s when you will enter the Sistine Chapel and discover Michelangelo and the ceiling along with the Last Judgement.

Since it is a family tour you will join the visit together with other people in a group of maximum 25 so your kids will be allowed to meet other children and have fun with other ones.

The Vatican Museums are among the biggest art collections of the world, with a wide variety of paintings and sculptures. You will be able to enter the Raphael Rooms, famous for the frescoes painted by Raphael and his followers.

Among the other galleries, you will visit both the Gallery of Tapestries, commissioned by Pope Clement VII in the 15th century, and the Gallery of the Candelabra, an 80 metres long gallery in which you can see coloured marble columns and marble candelabras from 1700.

Then you will visit the Sistine Chapel where you will see the breath-taking Michelangelo’s ceiling artwork, Last Judgement, there your guide will explain you all the secrets about it and its deepest meaning.

Finally, from the Sistine Chapel passing through a special door you will reach St. Peter’s Basilica, the most important and holiest world known Catholic Church.

Just book this tour, you won’t regret it! And neither your kids will!


  • Vatican Galleries;
  • Sistine Chapel;
  • St Peter's Basilica;
  • St. Peter’s Square;
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Important Info
  • meeting point:

    "Caffè Vaticano", Viale Vaticano 100. Our guide will have a sign "Rome Private Guides"

  • other information:

    PLEASE NOTE: in case the Basilica of St. Peter is closed for religious functions, you will spend longer time in the Vatican galleries with your private guide. The Basilica is a Church and as such the Vatican can decide to use it for religious functions without notice.

    DRESS CODE: Please must make sure they can cover their knees and shoulders. Entry might be refused in the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Church, if you fail to follow the Vatican's dress code.


  • Vatican Galleries;
  • Sistine Chapel;
  • St Peter's Basilica;
  • St. Peter’s Square;