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Mosaic Lesson For Families

Learn one of the most important art techniques of Ancient Rome with our Mosaic Lesson for Families.



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Tour Description

If you want to experience Italy and its handicraft and artistic traditions in a fun and interactive way, we suggest you book our Mosaic Class for families. It will be a special experience for the whole family as you learn the ancient techniques and secrets of Roman mosaics.

At the end of the lesson you will be able to bring home your own mosaic work as a memory! Enjoy being an artist for one day!

Probably dating back to the 3rd Century BC, the art of mosaic making became particularly prominent as a form of decoration during the Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman Civilizations. Mosaics were used instead of carpets by wealthy Roman noble families to adorn their homes, making them a status symbol of wealth and power. In fact mosaics have been invaluable tools in helping architects to discover all sorts about life in Ancient Rome from their diets to the clothes they wore. Later mosaics were also adapted by the churches to embellish the interiors, to illustrate Bible stories and the lives of saints. During your time in Rome you’re bound to see many examples of Roman mosaics, as you visit the ruins and artefacts of Ancient Rome and the many churches in the throughout Rome.

Your mosaic class will be run by art teachers, who are experts in the Ancient technique of mosaicing. Why not spend the morning learning this timeless technique and making a beautiful mosaic for yourselves?

The term mosaic refers to a piece of art made up of so-called tesserae. Tesserae can be small pieces of any material including tiles, stones and glass. During your mosaic lesson you will get to experiment with different materials in order to make a stunning piece of art you will treasure forever, supervised by an expert art teacher. The whole family can participate in our mosaic class, it will be a great family bonding activity and a precious family memory to treasure forever. If you aren’t able to stay with your kids, don’t worry! They will be in safe hands during the mosaic lesson and you can come back to collect them when they have finished.


  • Mosaic lesson
  • Lunch
This tour includes
  • Private Mosaic Class
  • Light Lunch
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    At the end of the mosaic class you will get to enjoy a complimentary light lunch served at the school, with some delicious Italian specialities.

  • Mosaic lesson
  • Lunch
This tour includes
  • Private Mosaic Class
  • Light Lunch
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